LIFE AT HOME has changed for everyone, thanks to varying lockdown restrictions across the world.

Here in Spain, we’ve been lucky to have had very favourable weather, compared with other countries at this time of year.

However, many new issues regarding life at home have been raised in the three months that families have been in quarantine.

Such has been the effect on personal and family life, architects are learning from this and are considering a number of key changes for new-build homes around the world, once the pandemic is over.

Property portal have listed five key design issues that could change homes of the future.

  1. Noise insulation – Togetherness within families doesn’t necessarily mean a tolerance between neighbouring properties, especially apartments. Walls will be insulated more to protect from noisy neighbours.
  2. Natural light – An abundance of sunshine in Spain means nothing if your property has the wrong aspect. Sun deprivation can affect physical and mental well-being, so larger windows will be prevalent – as will brighter decor.
  3. Multi-purpose spaces – Living areas have become offices, exercise areas and home-schools during the lockdown. Instead of just bigger houses, flexibility will be designed into homes to adapt to a bigger variety of needs. Sliding doors will separate large rooms into temporary zones.
  4. Outdoors – Terraces and balconies are almost synonymous with the Spanish lockdown, providing solace, a place to communicate and be entertained. These open spaces will be considered essential, even in homes that don’t enjoy a Mediterranean climate.
  5. Communal areas – An expected trend is for residential complexes to have their common areas used like hotels. To improve well-being again, gyms, nurseries, social rooms, saunas, cinemas, barbecue and co-working areas will be considered, depending on demand from residents.

Courtesy of the Olive Press